Green Cleaning

"To us its not a buzzword, it's part of our culture."

We have aligned ourselves with leading organizations responsible for setting the standards for sustainable practices. We are proud to support research through membership.


Reduction in airborne dust & particulates.


Reduction in touch point bacterias.


Decrease in concentrations of VOC's.


Reduction in employee sick days missed.

What is GC2 and what are the primary principles?

Providing a service that has a positive and healthy impact for our clients properties and occupants has always been our mission. With the advancement of sustainable equipment, chemicals, and procedures, we are continually able to provide our clients the best of what the industry has to offer.

We've noticed that most janitorial firms focus on the top level tasks of the industry suggested green cleaning guidelines, which to us, misses the mark in several ways in providing a complete green cleaning program to our clients.

This is why we've created our GC2 program; to add the second level to our green cleaning program, which focuses on crew training, customer education and increased frequency of recommended minimums. Our GC2 green cleaning program is comprehensive, efficient and is continually reviewed to stay above industry standards.

Highlights of Our GC2 Green Cleaning Program

Below are few highlighted features of our GC2 program we've amended to the industry recommended green cleaning guidelines.

We've based the creation of GC2 on the creation of the second level of service and based the features of GC2 on these underlying principles.

This is what the '2' signifies:

  • The minimum amount of times we confirm completion of routine tasks.
  • Our recycling program for second-use recyclable materials.
  • Our cross contamination prevention program, which involves separate mops and microfibers cloths to prevent cross-contamination from restroom areas and common areas.
  • Our 2 times documentation procedures, which consists of on-site log and Quality Control Managers checklist inspection.
  • We cycle out the hepa filters in our vacuums twice per manufacturers recommended one cycle period, which allows are equipment to work more efficiently at pulling the dust and dirt from your floors.
  • Our 2-2-2 Gc2 training program. All staff are trained 2 times per week for the first month, 2 times per month the second month and then 2 times per quarter to maintain program efficiency and update training on new chemicals, equipment or routines.