Leadership & Success Philosophy

Leadership comes in many forms, but must begin at the top. The leadership at Priority Building Service's offer their years of experience and success in large scale facility maintenance programs as as part of Priority's Leadership Training.

Our success philosophy is one that is based on the success of our team. There is a leader in all of us, and as a leader in the facility maintenance industry, we take great pride and go to great lengths to train and empower all of our team members to be individual leaders. Success, recognition & reward is a great motivator, which is why we have always invested in & empowered our team members to reach higher.

Rewards are for recognition of accomplishments as well as motivation. With rewards such as hosted yearly picnics for our teams families, Thanksgiving turkeys around the holidays, public recognition, awards and bonuses to name a few, we have created a company filled with motivated individuals, but we wanted to do more. By providing a path by which any team member, at any level can become a leader and have the opportunity to grow within the company - we believe this has resulted in a much stronger, happier and more engaged work force, which was the premise to developing our Leadership Program.

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CIMS and CIMS-GB certification, with Honors - Very few companies in California carry the certification and only a CIMS-certified organization can say that an independent third party has performed an assessment of their systems, processes, and policies and agreed that they have instituted the management framework required by CIMS and demanded by those individuals responsible for selecting a cleaning service provider.

100% Coverage Guarantee - To ensure 100% staff coverage, Priority Building Services employ a full-time roaming staff equal to 1.2% of our labor size who are specially trained to fill temporary positions at any given location so that service levels are maintained at a high satisfaction of our clients. We maintain this level of coverage within all our service disciplines.

Drug free

Panels: We Got 5 of Them - We require all new employees submit to an off-site pre-employment drug test according to the laws of the state our firm operates. Our standard drug screen is the five-panel test of most common “street drugs”.

Standard Pre-Hire Checks - Similar to our drug free enforcement, we perform a standard check on all pre-hires to verify citizenship, criminal and DMV. Our process involves a check to ensure all potential new hires are legally capable of working in the U.S. We may also run a check through LexisNexis to spot high-level flags for DMV and criminal.

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